This past Sunday we read the story of Lazarus and the rich man. I described this parable as dealing with vision--opening our eyes so see, truly see, the person right in front of us. I talked about how this changed vision can change everything as we begin to see and value others.

This morning I got a phone call from a person who I mentor. Kim and I talked about how God was making Godself known in her life in amazing ways. We talked about a vision she had for a ministry in the area in which she lives. We talked about how she might go to her pastor and talk with him about resources, support, and discernment for her vision. What a good conversation!

My spirit has been stirring to discern a guiding vision for Auburn Presbyterian. It seems like this is the time and season to begin casting vision. I believe that God is drawing APC in a direction and we are ripe to set out on a journey, but I struggle to give definition to that vision. The thing is, and that link points it out, churches are better led by a group discernment. Lets go on a journey together.

The first step in this journey is super easy. I would encourage the congregation to walk around the church. Lets take a look at our neighborhood. What is going on around us and how can we begin to enter into God's activity where we find it? This sort of walking or pilgrimage is sometimes called a prayer walk and I would invite you into this activity. Walk around the church or neighborhood and pray to see with God's eyes, to be led into God's mission, to discern God's call for you, the church, and the neighborhood. 

This is the action that starts our visioning process. After we take that action we come together and reflect on what we saw, heard, and did. That reflection then points us to the next action that we take as a congregation and so on. This is a process which we enter into equally and learn from each other. We grow together as we share our thoughts and inspiration. In fact, the church gets so much stronger with this communal effort to discern God's will.

Join me!


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