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I have been thinking that I needed to make a blog post for the last couple weeks. I started this with such good intentions. I was going to make this a discipline and write something weekly. I thought it would fit my schedule and I could easily adopt this practice. Well, umm, maybe not.

Spiritual practices or spiritual disciplines are things that we do that promote spiritual growth. We can do them as a group or by ourselves, but, ultimately, they make us more aware of God's presence and activity in our lives. Spiritual practices range from something as simple as prayer to something as involved as Communion. And writing blog posts

I get together regularly with a group of folks and together we work on developing spiritual practices. This group was at my house last night. We began our conversation talking about the challenges of entering into a spiritual practice. For example, we had been working on praying a prayer at noon every day. For several in the group it was hard to remember …