God's song

This past Sunday was Trinity Sunday. This is a Sunday that presents a challenge to any preacher or pew sitter--preaching about doctrine can be a snoozer.

I'm not sure why, but a Grateful Dead song was stuck in my head this past week-"The Music Never Stopped" by Weir and Barlow. Don't know why, but it just kept running thought my mind. And it was against this backdrop that I started thinking about the Trinity.

What to say about the mysterious triune godhead? Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer--God is everpresent in these three ways. Like the music, God's presence never stops. That was the link. Surrounding us always is this divine melody, this joyful tune with which we are invited to dance. God's irresistible grace irresistibly invites us to be a part of this larger melody.

God's song is the song that animates all of creation, always there, it forms the life and vitality of the universe. Like the flowing stream of revelation, God's song weaves around us bringing love, joy, and happiness when we care to listen. God's song is the background for the coming kingdom.

We have to include this aspect of the metaphor, as well--we can choose not to listen to the song. So often we get caught up in life and what's going on around us that we miss God's presence that's underneath it all. We close our ears and eyes to God's song and we can recapture the tune with a concerted effort. It seems like some people fall into a habit of not listening and, after awhile, we forget God's song. We come to believe that we don't need that song, that we do better without it. When we're at that point it becomes so very, very hard to get back to that divine melody.

The Trinity is God's invitation to join into God's animating force. This is a force that flows all around and through our lives. God animates, leads, guides, and directs us as we allow ourselves to participate. Come join in


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