Friends-I apologize. I have been really remiss in blogging. Ever since entering into Holy Week, I feel like I have been fighting an uphill battle just to stay on top of the daily things that need to be done. Unfortunately, this blog too often slips to the back burner.

I was in a Worship meeting this week and a question was asked about its purpose: Why do we meet? This person felt that we were doing a lot to preserve the traditions, but no forward thinking. There is more than a little truth to that statement, but we need to go further than pointing out that something is not functioning as it should. We need to enter into solution.

Our conversation went on and I asked him what he thought we should be doing. In the Presbyterian denomination there is a lot of room to be creative with our worship and I'm always looking for ideas. What should this committee be doing that would be more helpful? Well, the long and short of it is that this person had no suggestions.

I want to encourage him and you to think about your worship. What do you find meaningful and why? What do you think could be added to make worship more inviting and accessible to someone new? You don't have to do this on your own and I would encourage you to have conversations with others about these subjects.

Most of us do not have ready answers to these questions, which leads me to the point of this entry:

I hope that most of us pray. My practice is to enter into prayer and meditation every morning for some time. I also pray at night-often with Fran. And, of course, there are those prayers in the course of the day which I utter for all sorts of reasons. Anyway, prayer should be a part of our faith life. There is no set time or way to pray, but we should do that and keep up communication with God.

I am suggesting that it's appropriate to pray for guidance when it comes to the church. I know that God hears our prayers. Prayer for our church is a good thing. We should pray for committees and our leadership, for their decisions and actions. When we pray for our church we are opening ourselves to God's involvement in this enterprise that we try so hard to control. Let us pray together that our worship might be as pleasing to God as possible.

shalom, Pastor David


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